I photograph things so I remember them.

Anonymous asked:
Do u like anyone

Ew, no.

Do I go on tour, or do I stay in Austin and take one summer course?


Music: Bit By a Dead Be Pt. II by Foxing
I know most of my friends from school and such don’t listen to the same music as me and stuff, and when I offer an invite to a show they usually just say, “Yeah, I’ll totally come!” and then don’t, which is fine. I DO NOT care about you seeing my band or liking my band for that matter, we don’t get paid for any of the local shows we play, I don’t want your money. I want you to experience the fun and amazing feeling of being a part of this awesome/friendly community that I find so much joy in. Maybe it’s not for you, but you should come once or twice and maybe some drummer will crowd surf on you with his drum set or something, which is less scary and more awesome than you might think. Watch this though because Skeletal Lightning Fest was one of the best weekends of my life and I wish I could make this kind of art every day of my life


Tyler The Creator // Death Match 2014

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I absolutely love these photos from SXSW. I’m really glad that Carlos got to attend this showcase and shared them through the collective.

I ordered a laptop from Newegg today. They denied my credit card because the billing address isn’t the same on my card as I entered it on Newegg.

And by not the same, I mean, I didn’t enter it with CAPS LOCK.

Canon Canonet QL17

Canon Canonet QL17


Us playing “Bake Yr Own Bread” at the Indulgent Apothecary in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. 

This is the best.

Here’s a late night

Here’s a late night


I’m interested in traveling to Chicago for Basements reunion show on August 15th.

Does anyone from the area follow me, or can provide a recommendation on a place to stay?

Real shit though I can get a megabus ticket for a $1. I’ll pay for your ticket / gas to the show if you’re able to provide a place to stay that night.

Composited a few shots I took of the dudes in free throw last year #freethrow #freethrowband #freethrowemo #cyls #countyourluckystars #cylsrecords #lavendertown

Composited a few shots I took of the dudes in free throw last year #freethrow #freethrowband #freethrowemo #cyls #countyourluckystars #cylsrecords #lavendertown

So I have the option of studying for finals and keeping up with when I have exams.

But I get a thrill out of pop quizzes that decide 30% of my grade.